Icon Honors of Excellence + Accreditation

Icon Honors of Excellence + Accreditation

The program's primary goal is to encourage excellence, educate photographers, and motivate them to be constantly committed to their craft by entering the competition and to be recognized by their peers for their achievements.

Your top 4 scoring entries from the online digital competition will contribute to your Icon Honors of Excellence designation and accreditation points.

Former WPPI entrants:

The Icon Awards will match your former WPPI Honors of Excellence designation and accreditation points.

Entrants from countries and states that were not eligible to enter in previous years will have one year to catch up for points that contribute to their Honors of Excellence designation. If you were ineligible to enter or receive points towards your accreditation as of 2020, 2021, 2022 - in 2024, your top 12 scoring entries will contribute to your Honors of Excellence points.

Scores, Awards + Accreditation Points

79 or lower: No awards or points
80-84: Silver Award + 1 point
85-89: Silver Distinction Award + 1.5 points
90-94: Gold Award + 2 points
95-99: Gold Distinction Award + 2.5 point
100: Platinum Award + 3 points

Icon Associate

5+ Points

Icon Master

20+ Points

Icon Double Master

35+ Points

Icon Triple Master

50+ Points

Icon Grand Master

65+ Points

Icon Double Grand Master

130+ Points