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Print Specs

*The following information is ONLY relevant to entries/entrants that have been chosen as finalists of the categories.


1. Single or multiple images may be submitted in any shape and size on a 16x20-inch (vertical or horizontal) mount board with a minimum image size of 10 inches (25.4 cm) on the longest length. A border surrounding the image does not contribute to this length. The shortest length of your print cannot be less than 4 inches (10.1 cm). The following sizes are examples of what is an acceptable entry: 8x10, 7x10, 4x10, 11x14, 4x16-inches, etc. The following sizes are examples of what is NOT an acceptable entry: 3x10, 6x9, 5x7 inches, etc.

2. If you have more than one image on the mount, then the combined length of the images must measure no less than 10 inches (25.4 cm) on the longest edge. The space in between each individual image does NOT contribute to the measured length. We will measure the combined length of each individual image only.

3. Print entries must be mounted on a standard mount material double weight mat board, gatorboard, 1/4” foam/6mm, or Sintra). Recommended mounting thickness is 1/10” to 3/8” (3mm to 10 mm). The depth of your matted print must not exceed 3/4”. Float mounting is accepted at the entrant’s risk for damage. No mount that could potentially damage other entries or pose a danger to the print handlers will be accepted. Masonite, glass, stretcher frames or conventional frames will not be accepted.

4. No material may be added to the front or back of an entry that may damage another entry.


All prints to be judged are displayed on a special presentation stand at the front of the room and it will be illuminated using daylight-balanced lighting. The light intensity is equivalent to an exposure set at 100 ISO, f/2.8 at 1/125. (2000 LUX, EV10, 5000K). The viewers are made by GTI Graphic Technology and are Model# PDV 220.

A matted print usually consists of a photo adhered to a mat with another mat (with a window cut out) overlapping and framing the photograph as shown below.

Portrait of a woman
Olivia Rhye
Founder & CEO
Former co-founder of Opendoor. Early staff at Spotify and Clearbit.
Portrait of a man
Phoenix Baker
Engineering Manager
Lead engineering teams at Figma, Pitch, and Protocol Labs.
Portrait of a woman
Lana Steiner
Product Manager
Former PM for Linear, Lambda School, and On Deck.
Portrait of a woman
Demi Wilkinson
Frontend Developer
Former frontend dev for Linear, Coinbase, and Postscript.
Portrait of a woman
Candice Wu
Backend Developer
Lead backend dev at Clearbit. Former Clearbit and Loom.
Portrait of a woman
Natali Craig
Product Designer
Founding design team at Figma. Former Pleo, Stripe, and Tile.
Portrait of a man
Drew Cano
UX Researcher
Lead user research for Slack. Contractor for Netflix and Udacity.
Portrait of a man
Orlando Diggs
Customer Success
Lead CX at Wealthsimple. Former PagerDuty and Sqreen.

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